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What are the requirements for powering a home studio? Like what kinds of circuits are needed? Is one 15 amp (for all the plugs) sufficient?

Or should certain things be on separate circuits?
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Here are some tips from my experience:

- grounding is very important. Obviously everything must be grounded.

- If possible, run the computer on its own circuit, the musician's gear on one, and anything else (cell phone chargers, microwaves, fridges, on a different one)

If you want to get technical here is a very interesting document - you could go all out or just pick up a few tips from the info contained within: http://www.jhbrandt.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Grounding-Wiring-Zero-Loop-Area.pdf
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Wow, thank you!
Whoa, I didn't know it got so complicated! I thought you just plugged things into the wall and off you go!
Lol same here I just plug things in and thats where it ends in my mind :P
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