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Its SOO hard. I want to sound good. I know I do. I want it really bad. But it's so hard to sit there and practice until your hand is cramping and your fingers hurt - ugh.

Tips? Advice? Practice might be what kills my love for guitar. I need to figure something out. Very frustrated.

* Edit - how in the heck can I choose a best answer!? These are all so good!
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OMG This is ME every day. Great responses below - I got nothing to add.

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Well, I think it's all a matter of being in tune with what you're doing and remembering why you started in the first place. One article I found years ago that I keep coming back to still today is this one: https://www.guitar-muse.com/how-to-change-everything-with-a-holistic-approach-to-guitar-practice-4701
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Whoa - "Do you secretly doubt that you can ever play the part right? Self confidence is a huge issue that will hold you back from anything you do – and playing guitar is no exception. You might want it bad enough to keep trying – but do you believe you can do it enough to succeed?" yep.
Yeah, that is a seriously good article.
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Dont let it kill your love for guitar! It happens to all of us. The really good guitar players are the ones who can just bust through that and keep on going. Hang in there!

As far as tips, I'd say do hand exercises - like that gripper tool you can get, something where you're just strengthening your hard and not really playing guitar. It's easy to do without thinking, like when you're watching TV.

Then after awhile, when you go to play guitar, it won't be so frustrating.
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Yeah hand exercises are key, they leveled me up big time, if you look at the effort / gain ratio.
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