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Specifically for recording, whats the big deal where condenser mics are used everywhere - especially for vocals, like you hardly hear of anyone using a dynamic mic, except maybe podcasting.

Are condensers just "better"? Or are they just better for vocals?
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They are just more specific and more sensitive, which is not always a good thing. I'd say they have more detail and more granularity due to the capsule design, and the phantom power being present.

But I think the Red Hot Chili Peppers singer actually recorded a whole album worth of vocals with an SM57. So it's all about the sound you want to get.
Everyone wants that radio clear sound, so that's gonna be a condenser, more than likely.
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I know for piano it's a depth and richness that you achieve with condensers that you just can't get with a dynamic mic. Or any that I have found yet! I record piano all the time and I usually have 2-3 condensers shoved in that thing!
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