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I want to get into pre-recording demos before I pay to go into the studio so I have already been through some kind of recording process with the song(s) before I actually am paying someone to do it.
So - I don't want an expensive DAW. ProTools is out of the question.

What are the best, inexpensive DAWs you all use?

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I don't do a lot of my own recording, but I use Cakewalk - it's been re-released by a company that had some other (blanking on the name) online web-based DAW, and they are giving it away for free now, and maintaining it.

It works just as good as ever, but the interface does look a little bit dated. my two cents :)
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I use Reaper - it's not free but it's just under $60 which gets you 3 major version updates. (typically that's YEARS of use before you have to buy it again). I've used it for years, and I really like it, but I am far from a professional recording studio person wink

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That sounds right for me!
I can give a hearty second to Reaper!
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I use an old Tascam tape based system, so uh, yeah.
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You literally have the best DAW, but not the cheapest :)
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i use the free version of waveform 11 its a bit janky but its supported on almost all platforms and works well enough for me.
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Wow I had never heard of waveform! That looks like exactly what I am looking for.
I swear this didnt even exist last time I looked for a free DAW. Was it renamed from something different?
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