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It seems like these days, there are many more women playing guitar than there were when I started. (10 years ago). Have you all noticed this? I'm just wondering if there are ACTUALLY more or if we're just seeing more of them due to social media.

Ideas? Opinions? Or better yet any facts out there about this?
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I feel like you're on to something. I have no idea why though, but anxiously awaiting answers here!

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YES I have noticed that too. And I think it's both. They're much more visible due to social media, AND at the same time I think social media is encouraging ladies to pick up the instrument because they see others just like them doing it - and it's inspiring.

I just came across this article the other day - around the middle to end they talk a bit about female guitarists: https://www.guitar-muse.com/the-surprising-mental-health-benefits-of-playing-guitar-9156
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You're absolutely right. Back in the day we had Nancy Wilson, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Bonnie Raitt, and now there are so many it's not even really a thing any more. And that's good. No musical instrument should be limited to just one gender. Music spreads too much happiness to limit it in any way!
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I personally think it's social media. I have a different perspective - I am a piano player, and all the way back to the 90's I remember it was 50/50 girls / boys playing piano.

If you guys don't remember that about guitar then yeah, it's changed, and it's not just social media "exposing" the already-existing fact. The role social media has played, in my opinion is the role of "inspiring" other girls to pick up the guitar.
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