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@oldtrucker got me thinking with this post:


And now I am trying to figure out if my own power needs are being met properly.

I have a 100 watt amp. I guess that means that it is drawing 100 watts at its MAX level, right?

For purposes of my studio how to do I figure out how many AMPS it's drawing? (No, this isnt an AMP play on words lol)

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Ok so that 100  Watts is the RMS that your amp sends to the speakers. It's going to draw a lot more actual power than that. As you alluded to, yes it does depend on how loud you have it turned up, too.

If you look on the back - usually near where the power cord goes into the amp, you'll see the more realistic numbers. The Fender Rumble 100 is a 100W amp, but if you look on the back you'll see it's 310W.

So you'd take that and divide by your voltage (310 / 120) and you'd get about 2.5 amps. So you could in theory run about 6 of these on a 15Amp circuit breaker, but good luck lol I bet you start flipping breakers around 4-5 of them.
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