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Y'know what I mean. There's the big one, and there's the little one that has the slot you can take it out with a quarter. WTF I mean why, lol? Specifically, what's the history here?
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Ahh yes, the age old question. Basically in the USA we decided that 5/8 was the size a mic stand thread should be, and over in Europe, they felt that 3/8 was the answer. And they both work - and as you noted, there is usually always an adapter in case you get into a situation where it isn't the size you need.

In fact, every time I get a new mic it has one of those adapters with it. Or maybe they're coming with the mic stands. Heck I don't even know, now that I think of it. But I have more than a few of those things laying around!
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GREAT question and great answer! I have always wondered this too.
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