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About 10 minutes into every practice session is the hardest for me. I just suddenly realize that this is way repetitive and there are 100 other more interesting things I could be doing, like jamming along with youtube vids :P

Practice is, by definition repetitive, so what do you guys do to keep things going when it gets that way?
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Maybe just mix is up a little - or a lot. There are plenty of ways to get moving again.

I like to frequently remember my goal. Like why I am playing in the first place. It's good to remind yourself of why you do spend so much time with this hobby.

Have several different practice "styles". Like, say, 3 different ways you can practice. Maybe jamming along with youtube is one. Then you could have another like practicing with a metronome.

List out specific skills that you want to have and be sure to activate your imagination - what will it be like to have those skills?

Once you have that list, you need an exercise or three for each one, that you can practice until you get there.

A good way to measure progress is to see if you can produce a certain skill at a certain BPM. Let that be your measuring stick. The faster you can do it, the better you are getting. Start at 1 BPM if you have to.

IMHO you just gotta have goals, and reasons, and a process toward those goals, a feedback loop, and a way to measure success so you know when you are there.
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Agree with all of this. Motivation and organization are key - if you're lacking either practice won't be productive.
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