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Do you sit down and try to write a song? Like, ok I'm gonna write a song. Or do you wait until you have an idea, or does it start with a riff or piano part?

Often I'll go down to my basement to write a song and thats the goal: just write a song. And I come back upstairs with exactly zero songs written.

Almost all of my songs came from a riff. Hardly any came from an experience that inspired me to write. Almost all of them came from real experiences but they had to wait for the music to be turned into songs.

How do you guys/gals go about this?
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I listen to music and then play a bit on my own and if I hear something I like I might choose to develop it into a song. Let it come to you naturally.. But listening to music does help (especially listening to things you usually wouldnt listen too)
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Yes, I agree that listening to music is an extremely important aspect of songwriting!
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For me it's always a life experience. I need to express something. Sounds like I am a little bit different than most of you (at least so far). I can't even do it without that. So then I just play something that feels like how I am feeling (usually on the piano), and I go from there. But yeah, no life event, no song.
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That's really great - and I can't help but think this is the way it should be! I need to learn how to convert real experiences and emotions into music.
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I wanna make a sweet, sweet tune. Thats about it. I want to make something that makes people feel something. I guess that might be looked at as kind of weird. But thats me. I want to enrich ppl's lives with music that makes them feel.
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