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Guitar Center called me the other day and I missed the call, but I listened to the voicemail and they were like "Hey I am Bob so-and-so and I am your personal salesman ..."

What gives there? Are they trying to be more like Sweetwater? Not gonna lie, it would benefit them! I use Sweetwater solely because they treat you like a person who is spending their hard earned money. If GC followed suit that wouldnt be a bad thing!
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Yeah I got the same damn call - I dunno how I feel about it. They'd have to hire some real good people to make a diff for me. Someone calling me after every purchase from Guitar Center would sure seem weird at first.

They must be losing customers to Sweetwater. And prices these days, I swear they are the same no matter where you buy - so maybe customer service will be improved to create a margin and be better than the competition. Not at all bad for us gear aquirerers!
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I think I saw something about this in an email - but not sure. I have not gotten any calls that I'm aware of but it makes sense that they'd be ramping up the customer service. Bout time.
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